The SUEND TSM Tourism & Service Management srl aims to satisfy fully the requirements defined by the ISO 9001 for every aspect of the business and, at the same time, be recognized as a point of reference for reliability and guarantee by customers


    The pillars are:


    1. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: the direction aims for the complete satisfaction of customer needs continuously improving its service level


    2. DEVELOPMENT OF THE BUSINESS: the direction point to a continuous growth of the company by increasing its business.


    3. OBJECTIVE "ZERO DEFECTS": continuous analysis of processes for preventing, identify and resolve the non-compliance that produce unnecessary additional costs and



    4. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: continuously improve the service provided in line with the demand of what is required from the market through a continuous staff training and proper maintenance of the instruments.


    5. COMPLIANCE WITH MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS: compliance with mandatory requirements and obligations of law.

    The direction

    Updated 18/09/2016


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